Cash Counting Machine

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Published: 17th February 2011
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A currency-counting machine is a device that counts money – basically loose currency notes. The counters may purely be mechanically or electronically operated. The machines typically provide a perfect total count of all the money, or count specific batch sizes for storing cash; like in banks. Also these money counting devices can detect fake currency notes which is a remarkable achievement in this class.

Currency counters are commonly used in vending machines as in shopping malls to determine what amount of money is actually being deposited in cash counters. First time in India, these portable currency counting machine is a must have in your money counting devices. In today’s market we have two great currency counting products: one is compact and the other one is fully automatic, both of them quite durable.

The Compact V30 cash counting machine is designed only for counting; it is very much handy and also light in weight and portable. Operate with 4 pencil cells batteries or adapter; this is very much suitable for most of the currencies. The machine can count up-to 100 currency notes in just 5 seconds. Its compact & handy features make it easy option for traveling. As the size is small, it can be kept beside your table or the cash counter. The digital LED display counts and shows number of notes in bright red led light. Light in weight: only 450 grams with batteries. Its additional function allows the machine to count up-to 999 notes at one go. The machine is suitable for Indian rupee notes as well as for international currency. The machine comes with six months warranty.

The Khajanchi money counting machine has all essential functions which a money counting machine must possess. The device has all the latest modes of operation like the counting and detecting mode, adding, and batching mode. The machine has auto start function, automatic cleaning sensor, and UV-ultraviolet detection. The device can count up-to 1200 notes per minute. Durable chassis with retractable carrying handle, suitable for multi-currency, half note and notes stuck together detection function, quick and easy to operate, it has automatic trouble examining. External customer display, counting display with digital LED and comes with three months warranty.

Largely these currency counting devices are very much essential for banks, offices, jewelry shops & other shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and in many more places for cash counting.

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